“Built with Integrity”


As you know, remodeling your bathroom not only adds resale value to your home (along with kitchen remodeling) but even just a fresh coat of paint, new tile or tub can add impact to the look and feel of your bathroom.

Today's homeowners are spending more time in, and money on, their master baths, so it is no surprise that they are one of the most highly regarded amenities in the home. No longer a strictly utilitarian room, master baths are becoming a personal retreat to rev up for the day's start or wind down at the day's end.

A luxurious master bath is more than a selling point for today's homeowners, it is a necessity.

If you’re interested in bathroom renovations or a bathroom remodel, Puida Builders can add a beautiful and contemporary décor your home. 
Puida Builders is your source for contemporary and timeless bath design. From luxury bathroom design to small bathroom remodeling, we’ll show you the best options to make it happen.

Finding a great contractor is not easy these days. After learning the "hard way" with a few odd jobs, we decided to seek out the most reputable builder we could find to address some significant improvements for our home. Since our home was built around 1860, we felt that we needed some one with a creative eye, an appreciation for historic homes, and a solid history of satisfied customers. With some good fortune, we met Jim Puida, who was not only professional on site, but he made several necessary modifications as the project unfolded to meet our needs for the long term care and look of our home. To us, Jim Puida is not just a contractor - he's a gifted man who is blessed with a genius mind for knowing how to remodel, restore, rebuild, etc. and do it well, while also being sensitive to a customer's wish!

Dave & Hollie
Tolland, CT